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Update for all classes -- Pesky tests and all....

April 24th, 2006 (09:23 am)
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As I reflect on coming to the end of our run together this semester, I have a good time. I hope that you have taken advantage of all the information and opportunities that have been made available to you. Congratulations to those of you that will be graduating.

Intro Psych -- We will be finishing up with the modules on Cognition( 28) and Intelligence(30, 31, 32). We won't have time to cover Language, you will get a good dosage of it if you take a human development class. Our final test will cover the 4 modules mentioned above. We will take it on the last day of class, Friday the 28th. I will have them graded and will make them available on Monday so that you may prepare for the Final Examination on Friday the 5th, from 10:30 until 12:30.

Stats -- We will finish the chapter on Correlations and Regression on Tuesday and take test #4 on Thursday the 27th. I will have them graded by Friday morning. You should stop by and pick it up so that you can work on the problems you missed and get back with me before the exam on Tuesday the 2nd. I will take meetings by appointment on Monday. Let me know and I will put you in the calendar. I am willing to come early on Tuesday for those of you that like to take your time and double check your calculations. We can work a start time out on Thursday before the exam.

Cognition -- Hey you social bookmarking gurus :-) Our third test is coming up on Thursday the 27th. The test will cover four chapters: concepts and categorization, visual imagery, thinking/problem solving, and a little bit of reasoning (whatever we get covered on Tuesday the 25th). Your bookmarks are due for each of the chapters on on the 25th. This should allow everyone to learn a little bit more as they study for the exam on Thursday. Make sure you contribute your review before the examination on Thursday. Your CogLab assignments should be finished by the last day of class (Friday the 28th). I realize that a few of the demos have been removed from the site, therefore, you were not able to complete the assignments I asked you to do. I'm on top of it and will make sure that everyone gets credit. Your final exam will be on Tuesday the 2nd, from 1 until 3. Bring a #2 lead as it will be multiple guess.

Break a leg, prof_chuck


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Absolute power

You should make an blog about me, since I'm all important and federal now. haha

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